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students summer holiday

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students summer holiday

Bài gửi by mr ! hung on Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:01 pm

students:summer holidays
When phoenix-flowers begin blooming,it is the time for student to stop their schooling and enjoy their summer vacation,
in fact ,do they really enjoy their summer vacation ? most of students nowadays no longer haver their summer vacation,with them ,the term :summer vacation” is something far-away or something existed in the past of their parent only.
there are a fact that high school students study for the net grade while students of universities attend the green summer volunteer campaign in the remote places.they go to the rural areas of mountainous regions not only to teach people there how to read anf write but also hold and take part in some movement such as helping the old ,bulding bridges,repairing the houses for the poor and old people .other take part in some in summer activities with their visit to the relatives and frends.they go to their hometown or countryside and have a good time there,other work as a part time worker in a factory,garment company,waiter in restaurant,goods delivere,shop assistaint in stores,book shops and mostly teaching a stutor ,there is variety of thing for them to take part in.
however,many seem to think that it is not enough time for them to study in a school year. So summer vacation is the time for them to go to summer course to learn in advance what will be taught in a new school.going to summer course is not wrong but having no time relaxtion after hard months study,gradually( dần dần) students only known learning-they have no sense of the summer vacation.what they learn in books about nature,ancient temples,historical vestiges,people and geography is unknown because they do not have real-life experiences,they have unclear view in the Holland ,America,England…to study oversea.this helps them have a really good effect on both English and traveling.
in short ,how to spend your summer vacation usefully depend on your kind of activities,and how to help student spend their summer holidays is what parent and school should care for,never let summer holidays fall in to oblivion
mr ! hung
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Thành viên đặc biệt

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Re: students summer holiday

Bài gửi by nguyenhung on Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:41 pm

lối hành văn này cũng dễ dịch ha!

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